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This review may contain spoilers.

"Midsommar" is an overall mixed bag for me, leaning more towards enjoying it rather than disliking it.

The biggest detriment of this film is going in knowing the genre. If a scenario arises, think of the worst possible outcome and that's what's going to happen. There's not a single surprise or kink in the plot, which makes the plot groan-worthy and predictable. Not since "The Hateful Eight" has there been a film where major characters dying was the worst thing that could've happened. Unlike other horror films, where characters feel like bowling pins, I may have cared too much about the fracturing relationships between our protagonists, only to see no real resolution to anything. Film just feels like it falls apart in the story department once Josh dies and pretty much loses all its luster once Christian, the guy we've been waiting for the entire film to get some sort of comeuppance after he becomes comedically assholish, is pretty much paralyzed. It's this weird thing where I felt nothing when he actually died, because he pretty much felt dead and emotionless for the final few scenes of the film, with an ending that ultimately made me say "That's it?" Ruben turns out to be a red herring and comes across as pointless besides "Dur hur, isn't incest scary? Aren't people who are different scary?" Yeah, sure, whatever, "The X-Files" already told me that, dumbass. And man, I missed "We're the Millers" guy just saying the stupidest shit. It ultimately demonstrates the film loses a lot of its character in its final acts.

If you're a moviegoer who likes style over substance, it's much easier to recommend. This film thrives on the hallucinatory visuals that make it truly hard to tell what's real and what's fake, it's a delight in the surreal. I wish there was a little more beyond squirming objects, just so the effect doesn't burn out by the time the final feast hits. The daytime setting is done so well, a character by itself that exposes the actions of our protagonists and gives them no place to hide. Easily the best use of violence in a film period, with such ghastly scenes done with such beauty and craftsmanship. Violence ranges from comedic to chilling to awe-inspiring, it's easily the reason the ticket price is worth it.

I cannot recommend this film enough if you're just looking for amazing visuals in an auteur horror film, but I am hesitant to recommend to anyone who may crave a little more meat in the plot. I really don't see myself watching the whole thing over again.

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