The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.


A 5-star psychological drama, 1-star horror film, .1-star teen comedy, and "found footage films are a stupid concept/10" found footage film. I'm bad at math, so 2.5 it is.

I mentally dipped out of this movie during that entire first "act." Hated everything about it, from the characters to the attempt to make a fake bad documentary to all the stupid jokes. So, good for you movie for drawing me back in once shit starts to go south for the film crew. Someone fucking around with you when you can't see them is terrifying. Not being able to trust people you think you know is terrifying. Being lost is terrifying. That whole "the camera filters reality" scene is amazing and the fact they got that lighting on Heather's face is astonishing. But man, I really do miss pacing, editing, climaxes, and being able to see what the fuck is going on in a horror film. I bet I would've liked this better as a standard horror film, but like some sort of monkey's paw situation, I probably would've never heard of it because the whole "found footage" gimmick is the reason why anyone has bothered with the film.

I admire a good amount of aspects of this film, but also absolutely despise a good amount of aspects of this film. So, I'll just say I didn't have a good time and probably will not revisit the film in its entirety. I can definitely see why people would absolutely love this film, but I didn't.

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