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This review may contain spoilers.

Trying to start to describe the insanity that is "The Devils" is very, very difficult, so the best way to put it is like if Possession, Brother Sun Sister Moon, The Exorcist, Passion of Joan of Arc, and Barry Lyndon had a horrible, fetish-fueled orgy and this was what came from it. This film takes the "medieval scandal" genre to new heights (or lows? You decide) by making it horrifyingly aggressive. My eyes were glued tight to the screen because of the gaudy extravagance, brutal violence, or the mixture of both that makes up this twisted, backwards portrayal of uber-religious France. A scandal involving possessed nuns goes completely off the rails and leads to some dire consequences, and it leads to scandalous nudity & grotesque body horror. The editing is rapid & untamed, the score is wild & unsettling, and the performances are loud & angry, and it all comes together for a delightfully disgusting package about sexual frustration turning into religous fervor.

This is not a general recommendation, not even in the slightest. If this sounds appealing, go seek it out, it flies by with how utterly shocking it can get, but if it doesn't, just get any thought of seeing this out of your head. Maybe just seek out some stills of the costume & set design that make this film a treat for the eyes when it decides to be. I don't know anyone where this film fits into their "comfort zone."

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