The Fly ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.


I had mentioned how I felt that Re-Animator was a drama with horror elements and, after watching this, I probably should correct it to a soap opera with horror-comedy elements. Cronenberg's version of The Fly is a relatively sober serious drama with a bonkers premise that becomes horrific. Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis are great in the starring roles, along with John Getz as the despisable sleazy Stathis Borans, and they do a great job at keeping the insanity of The Fly engaging and dramatic. The crux of the film is the makeup and effects to bring Brundlefly to life and the design of his worsening condition is always stunning and grotesque, especially the finale when his human form crumbles and reveals DEAR GOD HONEY GO GET THE BUG SPRAY. An effective script, a great cast, an amazing special effects team, and overall engaging metaphor about, I dunno, aging or madness or the fear that your kid is going to come out a larvae. Just didn't wow me all that much and the pacing can be a bit testing at times. Not a bad watch at all.

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