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  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2


    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a film that almost had me. As the credits began to roll I was excited about what I had seen. Then I drove home, and as my brain began to crawl through the movie, I realized that it wasn’t much more than an okay entry. I love the on-screen chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, director Marc Webb does a stellar job of making the action scenes fun to watch, and the film does…

  • Oculus



    If you’re a fan of horror flicks like Sinister, Insidious or The Ring, then Oculus is going to delight your insides The well-made film features two interlinked stories (one set in the past, the other in the present) that tell an elaborate tale about a mirror that seems to be connected to a lot of terrible things. There’s a few jump scares, some gory bits, and a whole hell of a lot brain bending theatrics that constantly have you trying…

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  • A Separation

    A Separation


    A Separation took home Best Foreign Picture this year, and I can see why. It's an emotionally powerful film with a slew of great performances. Unfortunately, I can't say much of it managed to resonate with me. I blame cultural differences (I'm not exactly religious or well versed in the people of Iran), but also because there isn't a second of it that isn't exhausting. See it because you should, but don't expect it to change your life.

    PS - You might learn something about yourself depending on which character you choose to side with.

  • Eden



    This is a movie that was really solid ... until the end. In case you don't know, it's about a girl who is kidnapped and forced into a prostitution ring. She then works her way up the "company" in an attempt to escape. Such a story obviously needs a great ending, and Eden just didn't have it. Oh well.

    PS - The operation that the bad guys have going in the movie seems like it would never work.