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  • The Flying Deuces

    The Flying Deuces


    The boys join the Foreign Legion so Ollie can forget a woman. Standard slapstick comedy from Laurel and Hardy with numerous moments of comic insanity. The supporting cast, most notably Reginald Gardiner, Jean Parker and Jean Van Del, were modtly superfluous.

  • Mr. Baseball

    Mr. Baseball


    A washed up American baseball player gets one final chance playing in Japan. A thin plot, weak romantic sub plot and cliched clash of cultures vignettes result in a below average film. Ken Takakura was good as the Japanese manager. Tom Selleck was typically weak in the lead.

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  • The Train Robbers

    The Train Robbers


    Widow hires an aging gunman and his gang to retrieve stolen gold from a wrecked train. The story emphasizes character development and Southwest scenery rather than action. There was little extraneous plotlines that allows the viewer to concentrate on any individual characters. Filmed in Panavision that creates great wide angle shots of the desert and a deserted town. Interesting plot twist at the end. One of John Wayne's better performances during the 1970s augmented by more than passable efforts from Ann-Margret, Rod Taylor, Christopher George, Bobby Vinton and Ricardo Montalban.

  • The Fountainhead

    The Fountainhead


    Overly melodramatic adaptation of Ayn Rand's novel about one man's battle against conventional opinion. The film, like the book, contains a heavy dose libertarian ideology. Even the stellar leading cast - Gary Cooper as the idealistic architect whose career suffers when he refuses to compromise his aesthetic principles, Patricia Neal as his love interest and Raymond Massey as the muckraking newspaper publisher - could not save the film from its heavy handed message.

    Good use of lighting and cinematography created…