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  • Frost/Nixon



    February 2017
    Scavenger Hunt #23
    TASK #20: A film featuring an American President!

    The combined efforts of Ron Howard's typically engaging direction, Peter Morgan's solid writing, and a wonderful cast of great actors, particularly two mesmerizing turns from Michael Sheen and Frank Langella as David Frost and U.S. President Richard Nixon, make Frost/Nixon a gripping biopic that aims to hit the mark and it does so with immense skill.

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four


    February 2017: Flounder’s Scavenger Hunt #2
    TASK #23: A film whose director acted unprofessional on set!

    It utterly pains me watching this film. Not because it’s bad (although it is), but because there really are seeds of a good film in here. Unfortunately, they were all torn and shredded to bits and pieces by studio meddling, conflicting visions, behind-the-scenes drama, and painfully obvious re-writes, re-shoots, and re-editing. Are the actors the problem? Far from it. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael…

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    And stop right there, you. You, who's about to go all, "Oh, well you just hated it because it was dark and gritty and not fun like that Marvel shit!"

    FUCK. OFF.

    I don't dislike this film because it isn't "fun". I dislike it because it's an incoherent, nonsensical, convoluted, overstuffed, overbloated, rushed Albatross of filmmaking.

  • Arrival



    Yet another terrific entry in director Denis Villeneuve's filmography, Arrival is one of the most intelligent, visually stunning, and thought-provoking science fiction films in recent memory, led by a career-best performance from Amy Adams and a pensive, poignant screenplay by Eric Heisserer.