The Guilty

The Guilty ★★★

As a remake, Netflix's The Guilty is ultimately a waste of time, money, and resources, as aside from the most minor of changes (that end up making things weaker) and additions (mainly a smidge of commentary on the state of U.S. policing), 90% of it is pretty much a beat-for-beat repeat — to the point where I'm surprised this wasn't a Disney production — of the original, only not as gripping or done as well as the earlier film. However, taking the original out of the equation and just judging it on its own merits, Antoine Fuqua's film is perfectly fine. It's a fairly well-done exercise in building tension and suspense, and for a man best known for helming action films, Fuqua has a pretty solid grasp on the one-location setting. Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic as he always is, and the voice performances from Riley Keough and Peter Sarsgaard are especially good. It was also cool hearing Ethan Hawke in there. Marcelo Zarvos' score is used at just the right moments, it's reasonably well-paced, and even visually, it is enjoyably slick, even if that glossiness is also a detriment compared to the 2018 film. This is decent enough, but do yourself a favor and stick with Gustav Möller's masterful original.

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