The Purple Rose of Cairo ★★★★★

September 2017
Scavenger Hunt #30
TASK #14: A film with a color in the title!

Writer and director Woody Allen's magical love letter to and satire of cinema. This represents one of his absolute best works, right up there with Annie Hall and Sleeper. As usual for a classic Allen film, it's brilliantly performed and there's a lot of laughs to be found. Plus, there's also some well-handled drama to boot. But what makes this one of the best is the amount of creativity and imagination on display that I honestly had no idea Allen was capable of bringing onto the big screen. This is a stunningly beautiful film about one woman's love affair with cinema that also is a film about our shared love of cinema, not just as a means of escapism from the mundanity of the real world but also as a form of genuine, authentic art. Allen's writing and direction is top-notch as always and the acting is rock-solid across the board. Great stuff.

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