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  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four


    Much better than the reviews would have you believe. I was watching it wondering when the bad stuff (from the reviews) was coming. But it never did. It's "deliberately paced" as they say, and has a somber tone, but good overall with a focus of building a foundation with character exploration and development. A slight tonal shift was evident once the Four gained their powers, but it held my interest and was actually intelligent and substantive. It doesn't deserve its RT rating and it's sad to see some "fanboys" rating a movie they obviously haven't seen. See for yourself.

  • Life of Pi

    Life of Pi


    Life of Pi is a symbolic spiritual journey similar in kind to the mythic stories of Hinduism that use allegory to convey truths about the human condition. Visually masterful and well-told tale requires a reading beyond its surface appearance down to its depths.

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  • The Incredible Journey

    The Incredible Journey


    Old-fashioned Disney animal adventure movie won't win any animal rights awards, but The Incredible Journey is warm, predictable family fodder. If you grew up in the '60s - '70s, the voice of the narrator, Rex Allen, is a familiar, soothing companion on this trek. Good nature photography as usual for this era of Disney films.

  • Brand Upon the Brain!

    Brand Upon the Brain!


    Psychosexual probings of childhood memories touched upon as Guy Maddin puts another coat of paint on the old family lighthouse. Another quasi-autobiographical film poem (after Cowards Bend the Knee) suggests dark family secrets, smudged identities, fever dreams and father returning from the dead, again. Glorious visuals over a spooky soundscape, Brand Upon the Brain evokes old sci-fi/horror films (Invaders from Mars and The Leech Woman among others) infused with (s)motherly love and a remote father figure absorbed in his mad experiments. Frenetic editing gets annoying, otherwise great.