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This review may contain spoilers.

part of my 30-odd films directed by women list

this is really beautiful. really calming rhythm to it. sweet and pleasant until the "lie" falls apart. also ugh the lighting is just so nice i want everywhere i go to be lit like that it makes everything look so comfy.

only complaints: it could have ended before the kids "check" to see if Mikael is a boy or not i think it would have worked just as well, the end can be insinuated anyway from that point. that scene was super upsetting as a trans person but yeah i get why it was included. just woulda nixed it myself.

the very very end left me wondering abt the entire message of the film and idk how i feel about it. i'll think about it some more but currently not the biggest fan which is a shame cause i loved it so much until the end. i am literally the hardest person to please when it comes down to the very end of any movie so like whatever i just have to mull it over.