Malignant ★★★★

“It’s time to cut out the cancer.”

Here’s how the pitch meeting for this film went: first, James Wan walked into the WB offices and called a meeting. Next, once everyone was gathered, he displayed two posters on some stands. The first of Aquaman, with the number $1,148,485,886 handwritten on the bottom. The second was a poster board with tiny versions of all the Conjuring movies posters cut out and pasted onto it, with the number $1,569,001,120 written at the bottom. He then silently took the personal credit cards from everyone in attendance, and left the building to make Malignant. 

Beautiful homage to trashy cinema of days gone by. Everything from the dialogue to the score to the gore is tailor made to feel chaotically and sporadically out of control. It’s all the self indulgent and cheesy charm of a direct to VHS horror sequel from the early 90s that no one remembers, but elevated so much by Wan’s eye for action. The camera movements rock, the music is transcendent, and the performances are ridiculously and perfectly corny. A love letter without nostalgia bait. 

It definitely won’t work for everyone but I strongly recommend everyone at least give it a shot and decide for yourself. What Wan is going for may mot resonate with you, but it’s worth finding out before anything is spoiled. 

And so, Spooky Szn 2021 starts off with a banger. 

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