The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions ★★★★★

“Did you always know?”
“Oh no. No I didn’t. But I believed.”

I’ve gone on at length about why this is one of my favorite films to ever exist, so I won’t do it again but I am gonna gush about it just a little bit. To me it’s everything movies should be and a bit more. Every aspect of it is faceted with bolts of love and passion, and it never gets boring or bland. Constantly inspired, careful, and revolutionary. Beautiful in every sense of the world, and I’m so glad it doesn’t feel undone in the least by what comes next which I also love. It’s just such a unique epic with real stakes, purpose, and heart all while having gorgeous action, industry defining special effects, and a genuine point to make. All of that in one movie should never stop being celebrated. 

One of my favorite trilogies of all time. Maybe my second behind LOTR. I love everything about it. Watching all three in a day was such a treat. Next time I’ll have to watch with some of the commentary tracks because I just learned my discs have a philosophers commentary featuring Cornel West who has a role in these sequels and who I wrote a paper on at one point. 

Anyways. Love these movies so so SO much. Deeply grateful they exist and that my dad showed them to me as a teenager. Changed my life.

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