Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Holy shit the writing is atrocious. It's 50% stupid quips and 50% frogpost-worthy clichés. The whole plot was set up just to wallow in fans' nostalgia for the original Star Wars. The cinematography is boring and generic, there's loads of unnecessary CGI, and the set/character design is either ugly or copied directly from the original. The protagonists are a unlikable Mary Sue and an annoying idiot, and neither of them can act. Actually, none of the acting is very good. Everything in the plot seems to happen just by sheer coincidence, in order to keep the plot moving forward to make sure little Timmy doesn't lose interest if there's ever five nanoseconds without any action. The plot and characters are just a rehash of the original Star Wars. How do we raise the stakes after the Death Star? Oh I know, just make a bigger Death Star!
Why are the rebels still fighting the new Empire despite everything that happened in the original trilogy? Why does Finn have a change of heart after seeing a single stormtrooper die, then seconds later gun down dozens of them? Why is Rey instantly a perfect pilot, ship mechanic, sharpshooter, saber fighter, climber, and force user without having any training?

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