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  • Goldfinger



    Kentucky is the worst exotic locale I’ve seen featured in a Bind film so far.

  • Wonderstruck



    A sentimental story of loss and preserving the last in our own ways. The two separate stories started out strong but the closer and closer they tied into one another, the less interested I became.

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  • The Glass Castle

    The Glass Castle


    I might be biased because I love the memoir this film is based on, but this is pretty much a perfect adaptation of an incredible story. It packs all the emotional weight of its source material and is perfectly cast, especially in terms of the child actors.

  • It



    A damn good adaptation of Stephen King's incredible novel. I'm a huge fan of the novel, but from the reactions the crowd gave this film I think even non-readers will love it. It's an extremely solid scary movie; one that makes being scared a fun experience. 

    When I say "reactions"  I don't mean people saying they liked it in the lobby afterwards (although there was plenty of that as well), but peoples' reactions during the movie. The film nails its…