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  • A Bigger Splash

    A Bigger Splash

    david hockney has always really charmed me & this is a sweet little look at him at work. there are a lot of very beautiful scenes that really captivate certain emotions perfectly and poetically. the music is quite dramatic for a (quasi-) documentary, but it's obviously intentional and does its job well. hockney is one of my favorite artists & i enjoyed this very much. 🌷

  • Brigsby Bear

    Brigsby Bear

    what a special film! i've been a fan of good neighbor for a long time & this film just showcased their talent and skyrocketed it to another world of wonderful. very emotional and extremely laugh-out-loud funny. i think that this level of humor & seriousness is what the duplass brothers are aiming for but are unable to achieve. really nothing like it. loved❀️

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