Sworn Virgin

Sworn Virgin ★★★★

Deliberately slow & quiet & boring type of movie but the water cinematography is nice and the body politics are well articulated. "Someone once told me we're more free than we think" is the line to hold onto, but the movie paints a grim image of the outlook for girls who grow up in rural Albania. They are arranged-married off to men from different cult-like towns, and they get a bullet as wedding gift to be used when they don't obey their husbands, and as Lila says, they all die at 60 of old age. Young women kind of have to flee to Italy or become so-called sworn virgins and live as men to gain some level of autonomy as adults. But Albanian men are quite clearly not the target audience of this Italian movie with French & Dutch subs, the target audience consists of more privileged people like myself, who can then count themselves lucky and somehow even praise themselves for not enforcing such suffocating patriarchal structures on others, while living out similar suffocating patriarchal structures all the same. But, as someone once told the protagonist, we're more free than we think, so I guess I hope the existence of this movie helps Albanian women on some abstract level and that's about all I can say about it.