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  • Cats


    So the movie is about a group of cats deciding which among them will be reborn in the Heaviside Layer which is a gaseous layer of the ionosphere that was proposed by engineer-physicist Oliver Heaviside who happens to be the same dude who came up with the Heaviside step function which can be applied to solve differential equations concerning complex variable calculus which was a mandatory math class that I apparently enjoyed way more than this snoozefest of a musical I’m sorry

  • Elise


    At the risk of completely missing the point, I just want to shed light on Elise's nakakalurkey subtitle: First Love is Beautiful Hurt?? Seryoso 'to mumsht? Is this a reference to something I'm too uncool to be aware of? First love? Is beautiful hurt? Aweh??

    Anyhow, this one's a dud for me. I couldn't get past the film's failure to question its almost-textbook usage of the male gaze. Elise was nothing but "the bearer of meaning, not the maker of…

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  • Bumblebee



    Bumblebee just doesn't work for me, man.

    The plot is too generic it reminds me of Kokey but with a huge-ass robot instead of a Boy Abunda kalokalike alien. The movie deserves props for having a multi-layered protagonist but the story drags on and on and on trying to set-up her being a diver, her being a handy-person, her having a broken relationship with her step-family, etc. It’s just too long, man, plus the 80’s references can feel a tad alienating for the wrong demographic.

    Tsk, oh well. The film obviously pleased a lot of people so, ultimately, maybe I’m just not its intended viewer.

  • The Possession of Hannah Grace

    The Possession of Hannah Grace

    I watched this movie in a near-empty theatre and all it got out of me was a slight flinch and 10 dozen eye rolls. There are no haunting images that will stay with you for days and the musical score can only do so much to thicken the needle-thin tension.

    But the film deserves a full star, I think, because it does have the potential of being a good laugh-out-loud comedy of the So Bad It’s Good genre. That’s pretty rare these days, huh?