Dogville ★★★★

Dogville is most likely the film that comes closest to resembling the idea of a book. With its barren and incomplete setting of an American town made on a sound stage without walls or doors, imagining the actual surroundings is up to the viewer; much like in a book. At the film’s beginning it felt much like a gimmick. Interesting, yet unnecessary. But as the film progressed it became obvious that the film couldn’t have been made in any other way. One scene made this especially clear as it showed the transparency of the small community along with its ignorance. An unspeakable act is performed in all “openness”while the rest of the town simply goes about their daily business. 

The film wouldn’t have worked as well as it did if it weren't for the astounding cast. It isn’t a perfect film; the editing falters at times and it might have been a tat longer than necessary. But in the end it is a great film largely due to its undeniable originality. I could imagine that it is gonna take me a while before I revisit it, but I definitely will some day.

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