Hereditary ★★★½

[Possible spoilers for both Hereditary and Rosemary’s Baby]

A dissapointing second viewing... Hereditary is a good film, but the impressiveness and the sheer amazement of the first viewing had sadly faltered. There is a lot to appreciate: the tone and atmosphere, the incredible performances and general level horror that the film delivers; but it does in many ways feel like a modern soft-remake of Rosemary’s Baby, but without the same level of mastery. The plot of a woman/family falling victim to a cult of witches simply worked better in the claustrophic and lonely setting of Rosemary’s Baby. 

Another problem that the film is the victim of is how unbalanced it felt between the first two acts and the third. Often as not this can be a good choice, but in the case of Hereditary (and many other horror films) it made the third act rushed.

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