Naked ★★★★

Naked takes you through a journey of lonliness and self-deprecating behaviour. It follows a complex and damaged character played by the wonderful David Thewlis in fantastic potrayal. I haven’t seen him in in a lot things except for Harry Potter so it was refreshing to see him in something where he was completely lost in the role and I didn’t think of him as Lupin. 

The script was probably my favourite thing about the film from the characters and dialogue to the overall structure as we follow Johnny through his nocturnal odessy. 

I was a bit conflicted by the cinematography as some of the shots were absolutely amazing and layered by a symbolic subtext while others looked a little bland. It sadly made a few the scenes look like some low-budget tv-movie from the 90’s. 

Overall the film was great and I would love to see it again, but in a few technical aspects it hasn’t aged as well as it could have.

(Also I could imagine doing a double feature with this and Inside Llewyn Davis, as it could seem as if it is inspired by this in terms of structure and characters).

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