The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

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Much like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Irishman tries to capture the zeitgeist of mid centuries USA and the end thereof. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood sets out to celebrate this era and essentially works like a time capsule whereas The Irishman sets out to do so much more and that is where I find it superior. It isn't just a classic gangster flick falling into the tropes of a perhaps outdated genre; it celebrates both new and old by embracing what the world has become.

That's the thing that impresses me the most about the film, Martin Scorsese's obvious growth. It has the style of his classics like Goodfellas and Taxi Driver while implementing a deep level of heart like his newer films such as Hugo. This is where it becomes clear how personal a film it is as change and adaption is such a large theme.

The acting is sublime all around, the film looks amazing, not a single second is wasted and its 3,5 hour runtime went by in no time, I honestly wouldn't have complained if it was an hour longer.

A layered masterpiece and one of Scorsese's best. I truly shows how you actually can teach old dog new tricks.

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