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  • Backcountry



    eh. i've taken better shits then this movie. acting is alright but the writing and the plot are terrible

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    cant trust white people

  • Nightcrawler



    after watching this movie, the acting by jake Gyllenhaal was superb. he played his part almost flawlessly. the plot was good often becoming obvious of what was to come next. no plot twists which left the next scene guessable. good watch, able to be rewatched a couple times. don't watch with someone who's already seen the movie.

  • The Waterboy

    The Waterboy


    finally got around to watching waterboy. good watch i really enjoyed the football cliche i sat through. But Adam sandler is ight and this movie is good i'd give it a thumbs sideways

  • Frank



    I was pretty high watching Frank. Frank is a weird dude movie watchers. but the character who's point of view is being showed, his name is Jon. My name is Jon too. that means watch the movie. He's a ginger, I am a brunette. Fuck gingers. the lyrics are flame. so unique, nothing to compare to. Franks is an austistic stoner so be ready to adore FRANK