La Belle Noiseuse ★★★★★

so interesting the relationship between this and celine and julie go boating... celine and julie go boating seems to absolutely be about a total and true belief in art as important, in the playfulness of art as a reconstruction of language and persona and ultimately as key to revolution in a personal and political sense... art when you do it with others and believe in it fully is the framework for solidarity because enlightenment-era history, science and math are religious and truthful art is the antithesis to religion, so maybe only art can change things.

this movie, on the other hand feels like maybe Rivette exhausted himself on art. thought art mattered more than anything else and when you actually get there and believe it and feel it it eats you and everyone around you maybe... and you remember art is just a thing and its effects being powerful don't necessarily mean it won't suck all your love out and leave you and those around you dry and sad. but i have to get there and find that out for myself.