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  • The Last Dragon

    The Last Dragon



  • Transylvania 6-5000

    Transylvania 6-5000


    Y’know sometimes how 80’s cheese is fucking glorious? This is not one of those time. Very generic and goes from screwball comedy to super plot driven and no jokes and idk. Lame. 

    My g*rlfriend’s mom loves to say she doesn’t want to watch the movies I want to watch but then will just turn something on without asking any of us if we want to watch it

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  • Jaws



    Cool shark cool stuff cool Spielberg. Wish at least two of them would’ve kissed at least once

  • Cold War

    Cold War


    I’ve never felt that a movie needed to be black and white until Cold War

    (Roma is stunning and near perfect but I didn’t feel that it demanded black and white)

    The relationship is so complex because they are bad people who do what they want and aren’t worried about the repercussions. This is a very played out story but the performances and the piecing together of their experiences over time really adds a nice punch. 

    The direction of this…