Midsommar ★★★★½

I decided to sleep before logging this because it might help me think more about it. 

And I’ve decided...

I got nothing. 

There is so much to this movie that I wish I had understood on first watch, but I guess I just have to see it a second time now. (Thanks AMC Stubs A-List). 

I can say that this was so beautifully shot. It was endlessly bright and colorful, which in hand heightened every single disturbing image. Aster truly nailed what tripping looks and feels like, which really shocked me. If someone watches this tripping, they wouldn’t be able to tell the movie from the drugs and that’s exactly how the characters were. The drugs took over and they lost control. It very much feels like Noé’s CLIMAX 

The score was so eerie and really built atmosphere. The dreamlike editing definitely wouldn’t have worked without the score being so strong!

Also, Florence Pugh for the mf win. She really went all out. I love that Ari Aster has had two leading women now who really dominate the screen. They fall so deeply into their stories and it adds so much fear to it. 

I definitely wasn’t as scared during this one as I was during Hereditary but some of the images were so unsettling that I’ll be thinking about them for a while.

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