The Skin I Live In ★★★★

Wow. Probably the most disturbing out of Almodovar films (the ones I’ve seen of course). 

This is just a more messed up and scientific Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! And Antonio Banderas is way creepier and not loveable at all! 

I can’t believe the dad from Spy Kids 1-3 does shit like this when not touring as the bad ass spy dad he’s remembered for. 

Aside from this fucked up movie, binge watching 9 Almodovar films in less than a week is a choice. I don’t know if I’d recommend it to anyone because it’s fucking with my head. This guy is crazy. He might be a genius. I don’t know. He makes these movies with such intense moments. Moments that would require trigger warnings in 2019, but he doesn’t use them as plot devices or to be gratuitous. And if they are gratuitous, I think he knows the weight of them. He knows the depth of sexual violence and I don’t think he uses it just to be ~edgy~

I don’t know if that makes it okay to use such things but the guy makes such complex characters because of it. I’ve read a few interviews and I think Spain is also just more hardcore than the US. And he’s seen as an artistic icon there. 

Much to think about but I need to take a break from his stuff for a while. Eventually I’ll watch all of his filmography though.