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  • Kodachrome


    "No art worth a damn was ever created out of happiness."

    30 minutes in, I wasn't fond of it, however, I kept watching because it was shot on Kodak 35mm film, and it's a nice tribute to photography, but seeing Jason Sudeikis talking to Elizabeth Olsen about music and then being forced together was just ridiculous.
    But Kodachrome did have its moments, like Ed Harris rambling about art and the hospital scene, but it is extremely predictable to a fault,…

  • Beast


    I was on board with this until the second act, then it got all Twilight-esque, and it made me realize how bad all of it really was, and how it was probably written by an immature and edgy person who loves Gillian Flynn, Supernatural and The Mortal Instruments but didn't want to be too obvious. I know it wasn't, but it seemed like whoever did wrote it loves all of the same clichΓ©s and tropes.
    The ending was my favorite part, and the cinematography was its highest point, but I really didn't like this.

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  • American Animals

    American Animals

    Mix a little of Kill Your Darlings with a little of The Social Network with a little of Goodfellas and a bit of Reservoir Dogs and this is the movie you get. And it isn't even that great.

    I'm not an editing expert but I can tell good editing when I see it, and the editing in this movie was off the charts.
    As a heist movie, we've all seen it all before and we already know how the story…

  • Never Goin' Back

    Never Goin' Back

    If you ignore some of the music choices, this movie is a pretty good time.
    If you don't mind me saying this, I think that this is what Spring Breakers, and Netflix's Dude wanted to be. And I think we all prefer Kyle Mooney over James Franco.
    It also features a very nice Boogie Nights reference.

    Nothing seriously groundbreaking or impressive here, some might just watch it and shrug but the shenanigans these girls got up to were pretty fun…