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  • Bad Boys II

    Bad Boys II


    The camera moved so much in this movies for no reason, it's headache-inducing.
    The first one has some interesting things and a good ending, this one is nearly unwatchable and somehow people think it's better.

  • Baywatch


    The campiest film I've seen this year.
    It knows how ridiculous it is in a Michael Bay way and it owns it.
    Everybody likes a campy, trashy, cheesy film once in a while, I did like this even though I don't think I want to see it again.
    And I understand why people hated it as the humor is too crude (but not in an offensive, mean-spirited way, thankfully), it's way too long, and everyone knows how it ends before it even begins.

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  • Fake Tattoos

    Fake Tattoos


    These little hopelessly romantic bittersweet films may seem harmless, but they are bad for me. They always destroy me.
    I don't actively seek them out, they seem to always find me somehow.

  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


    "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"
    - Tim Blake Nelson is one fine comedian and this was the most fun of the lot.
    - Based on this, I thought the whole thing was a musical.
    A western musical, that's new.
    - It contains the best part of the anthology: When Buster flips a board from the table of the bar and makes the outlaw shoot himself.
    I had to watch it twice.

    "Near Algodones"
    - There was a time where I…