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  • Dunkirk



    Immersive and constantly anxiety inducing, lurching (in a good way, cinematically) from one moment of peril to the next, Nolan's evacuation recreation feels authentic in its depiction of courage under fire. The stories of air, land and sea intertwine, with so many decisions in each a matter of life and death. It takes many different types of hero to fight a war; it needs all of them working together to win it. In these divisive times, it's Dunkirk spirit - the determination to keep going when success or survival seems beyond our control - that will defeat those who seek to curb our freedoms.

  • Wonderkid



    'Who cares?' That's now a fairly typical response when anyone in the public eye comes out as gay, and sport is no different - but there are still very few, men and women, who do come out. In the world of male professional football (soccer), it's really rare - despite the thousands of pro players across the globe. So should all of us, gay or straight, care more? Shouldn't we wonder what it would be like, in the hypermasculine environment…

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  • Cloud Atlas

    Cloud Atlas


    My Top 20 most memorable (for a variety of reasons) Cloud Atlas characters:

    20. Dr Henry Goose (Tom Hanks) - whiskery 19th-century quack with dubious intent and even more questionable dental hygiene (which may explain why he values other people's teeth so highly).

    19. Ovid (Halle Berry) - balding, pointy-bearded, cyber-eyed back-street surgeon / locksmith. Appropriately named as Berry's transformation is one of the greatest metamorphosis moments in the whole movie.

    18. Older Ursula (Susan Sarandon) - 66 years old…

  • Much Ado About Nothing

    Much Ado About Nothing


    A rom-com! In black and white! Filmed at his own house in bloody Santa Monica! With all his mates in it! And the screenwriter's almost 450 years old! Well, of all the self-indulgent, pretentious pet projects we've seen from fashionable Hollywood directors down the years, this has to be right up there...

    Twenty minutes into Much Ado About Nothing, and the above concerns were still lingering. What an incredible house though, I thought - actually the perfect filming location, even…