4:44 Last Day on Earth

4:44 Last Day on Earth ★★★★★

the end of everything has been one of my biggest fears since I was a kid. specifically “the rapture” tormented me for years, because my father was a Methodist pastor obsessed with the Book of Revelation and the End Times and all that shit, which scared me to death most of my childhood. 4:44 taps into that terror with unbearable precision. And what’s even worse is that it’s about so much more than the end of the world.

“What, are you just gonna get older?”

- - - - - 

“What if they’re wrong?”

Meaning comes from what we give it, but when the end is in sight - suddenly indisputable, unavoidable, and as a direct result of our failures to take care of what we have - meaning comes from elsewhere, becoming impulsive and reactionary. human nature and personal choices leading up to the end, bestowing holiness on what “feels right.” The realization of our finite existence bringing everything to the surface: the good, the bad, the depression, the old ways. 

Dafoe is brilliant. he really is brilliant. He can do it all - every stage of grief in under an hour and a half. convincingly too! nice to see Natasha Lyonne show up. the man cutting up the steak for his dog toward the end wrecked my dumb feeble heart. Fuck, I knew I’d love this.

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