Her ★★★★

A rewatch on a proper screen under proper circumstances (I saw it on a plane) will help me decide whether the rating should go up, but I really liked Her, which, to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by. I wasn't a huge fan of Adaptation., or Scenes from the Suburbs, but this I really enjoyed.

Jonze's direction is sensitive and his script is fantastic, but often the satire lacks bite. It strikes me that it maybe isn't even a satire at all; that it genuinely is a romantic comedy about a man who falls in love with an Operating System. But I don't think you can have that without there having to be some satire, otherwise it's ridiculous. Yes, Jonze is making a statement about our relationship with technology, but he's never laughing at the brilliantly named Theodore Twombly. There are several moments that are genuinely touching and sad.

The cinematography is beautiful and really paints a picture of a realistic future Los Angeles. Joaquin Phoenix's beautifully subtle performance should probably have been nominated for an Oscar and Scarlett Johansson does very convincing voice work as Samantha and actually makes her believable. Amy Adams is wonderful as Theodore's neighbour, as are Rooney Mara and Olivia Wilde, who both leave memorable impressions despite their brief appearances. I think this is an interesting comparison piece to The Wolf of Wall Street, where female characters are few and far between and poorly written, whereas here, there is an abundance of well-characterised, interesting female characters.

Funny, sweet, weird and wonderful, I can't wait to watch Her again.

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