Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

perhaps one of the kind of film that are pretty hard to be vouched on by me, as someone who's pretty out-of the reach by the polemic in Western's socio-politic, especially throughout recent years

but however, i do think that this film are pretty misguided and tonally inconsistent, a lot of palatially caricatural characters becoming the spirit of personality throughout the movie (Peter Dinkelage and every woman characters outside McDormand feels like they're being set up only for either for the male counterparts or gag trigger, although the one that i loathe the most is perhaps the use of raped daughter part, which doesn't hold any insight of the character more than "raped woman" archetype)

still, as a fan of another McDonagh's feature (In Bruges is way more easy to digest because it doesn't have any obligation regarding resemblance of commentary), i still can enjoy his crude, curse-y humours and even though the story and *perhaps* some misunderstanding in the subject, his stellar comedic still hold it's value

i highkey think McDonagh should actually write a novel instead because he then had a big opportunity to actually *developing* the character and because he didn't have much grasp on visual subtleity in the first place

i don't understand the negative reception of the editing tho, it fits nicely

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