Certain Women ★★★★½

Right from the opening shot of the train slowly moving from the far corner of the screen to the foreground, Kelly Reichardt's Certain Women resonated with me. Though set in Montana, this film reminded me so much of the 20 some years I spent in a small town in central New York. The scenery, the people, and the houses were all familiar to me, so much so that I could remember the smell of the furniture of the different homes of friends we once visited.

Though some may consider the lives of the characters in Certain Women to be simple, that doesn't mean the characters themselves aren't complex. Far from it and Reichardt shows us this in the four central characters, who are all in one way or another frustrated, misunderstood, and have a desire to connect with someone or something.

Struggling to stay afloat in harsh economic times and falling behind the rapid pace of technology, the future for these people is ambiguous and bleak. This is especially true for those who are outsiders living within a tight-nit community. Loneliness may be the most painful burden to bear.

The film shot in 16mm perfectly captures the dichotomy of small towns. Beautiful rural areas and mall parking lots.

Certain Women is another moving portrait of American life from director Kelly Reichardt.

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