Ghostland ★★★½

Carries over some of the same themes from Laugier's "Martyrs" - young female characters informed by the violence of a victimhood randomly inflicted upon them; figurative methods of escapism from a horrific situation - but I'm not sure if the "busted-up-like-a-broken-doll" imagery of the film's abuse subplot ever really justifies itself (in the way "Martyrs"' eventually does) outside of its own desire to be excessive. On a more superficial note, that putty-nosed Lovecraft impersonator is an unfortunate misstep. That said, Laugier creates two distinctive sisters who echo the survival instincts of the duo in his iconic debut; the performances are strong, and complemented by the menace of mute villains and a creepily-knickknacked, isolated home that feels akin to something out of one of Stephen King's various small-town Maine locales.