Tenet ★★½

aahhh this is a tricky one. as soon as the movie finished i thought that it was good. i still think there are definite positives but, there is a lot which i’m really not a fan of. i’ll start off with what i liked and then move on to things i didn’t like. 

first of all, the visuals are pretty great. even if at points they were a bit goofy they were still extremely unique and used really well. a certain corridor fight scene was just an awesome experience overall and obviously the second time just made everything even more insane. 

the editing was smooth which helped with the brisk pace the film sets. i was never bored and was always interested to see what would happen next. when people say c nolan films are confusing i just roll my eyes but this is definitely his most complicated film. there are definite reasons for this which are some of my complaints but i’m sure a second watch would probably help. 

now onto what i don’t like, starting with the music. by now, most people have realised that nolan loves his scores to be LOUD. so LOUD in fact that you are unable to hear a word that comes out of the actors mouth. honestly, throughout the whole film me and my friends kept just looking at each and whispering ‘what on earth is he saying’. and the mixing wasn’t the only problem. the score in general was just kinda bad. it was just full of ‘bbbrrrr’ the whole way through and got tiring so quickly. he also used it in such poor places as well. two characters are talking and all i could hear was this generic intense music playing. 

the story is pretty mixed. at first glance, it just sounds like a james bond movie but there is a lot which like i have said, is very unique. however when there is a one to one chat, it’s always dull yet important exposition. this meant that i probably missed a lot of important dialogue due to nolan’s mixing issues. 

this is just a personal issue with the film and it lies with the characters. it’s not the actors fault as everyone played their role well (even if the villain was at times really funny) but again, with nolan’s decision to have it be very plot based with hardly any character growth. my favourite films and films i love are usually character driven. i just find those types of films more compelling and emotional. it’s easier to get attached to a film when you care for someone. this film leaves you with very little when it comes to caring for the characters. the only emotional beat is really with elizabeth debicki’s character and that was extremely cliched and minimal.

so yeah, this like i said at the start, is a tricky one. there is a lot going for it and i was definitely never bored but in my opinion there is just so much to this film which i personally don’t like. maybe a second watch will help with my issues but at this point, all my problems stem from nolan. anyway glad to be back at the cinema. can’t wait for the 4k la haine cinema release for its 25th anniversary!

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