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  • Tron



    Mind-bogglingly ahead of it's time (for a Hollywood film). I remember loving this movie as a kid. I think I taped it on VHS off of HBO or something, and watched is countless times.

    Watching it today, the effects are fairly clumsy at times, but the picture they paint remains lovely in it's own way. And Bridge's Flynn proto-cyberpunk cool nerd vibe is pretty spot on. A lot of the other actors are fairly wooden, but since Flynn is the only "real person" among them, the contrast works rather well.

  • The Avengers

    The Avengers


    Finally, the Hulk done right. Black Widow enters the pantheon of kick-ass Whedon heroines. And seeing a loving, stable relationship between Downy Jr's Stark and Paltrow's Potts was extremely refreshing.