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  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    TLDR; The fight sequences in Godzilla vs. Kong are so kickass that for a short time, I completely forgot about how bad the last year has been. Turns out my happy place is watching a big monkey and a giant lizard thrown down in a dust-covered, neon-soaked Tokyo.

    Full Review at Nightmare on Film Street

  • Jakob's Wife

    Jakob's Wife


    The dynamic between Larry Fessenden and Barbara Crampton cannot be undersold. They both bring a lifetime of experience and understanding to these roles and every minute they are on screen together is a damn delight. The movie also misses no opportunity to point its garden-hose-of-horror directly at the camera. I guess what I’m really saying is: Come for the brilliantly heartfelt midlife crisis, stay for vampires tearing people open like pressurized cans of human ravioli.

    The vampire design as well…

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  • Host



    I was so incredibly skeptical of horror movies made over Zoom but holy shit is HOST one of the coolest, spookiest found footage movies ever!

  • Hogzilla


    I can't help but think that we'd all be head-over-heels in love with HOGZILLA if it were shot on video in 1981, released theatrical in 1986, and available in 4K through Vinegar Syndrome this summer.