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  • Lost Moon: The Triumph of Apollo 13

    Lost Moon: The Triumph of Apollo 13


    A solid, and reasonably thorough account of the making of "Apollo 13" - both the movie, and the actual mission. Interviews from the cast, crew, and NASA's finest provide context and backstory to Ron Howard's Best Picture nominee from 1995. If you've listened to commentary tracks, or even just watched the movie itself - a LOT of this documentary does cover familiar ground though.

    From the actors and director we hear excellent production insight while watching awesome behind-the-scenes footage; all…

  • Jaws 3-D

    Jaws 3-D

    Not even Lea Thompson's feature debut (in a cute bikini no less!) can save this haphazard joke of a follow-up. Sharks attack SeaWorld? What moron approved such a stupid concept? The 3D-turned-2D effects just look like poorly chroma-keyed puppets (because they are). Unless you're some super fan, who really must find out what happened to the Brody children after they moved to Florida... "Jaws 3" is best if avoided. I thought it was BAD.

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  • Interstellar



    An unqualified masterpiece.

    This captivating science fiction drama from critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan was produced on a budget of $165 million, and released on November 5, 2014. Although it's an entirely original property with no ties to any previous works, the hype surrounding Nolan's ninth feature film was so high, Warner Bros. studios traded away the rights to its lucrative "Friday The 13th" series (among other franchises) just to secure worldwide distribution rights to this movie. So to say…

  • Nightcrawler



    Gyllenhaal is masterful.

    This low-budget American crime-thriller from first-time director Dan Gilroy was a critical and commercial success following its theatrical release on Halloween, 2014. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as an enigmatic individual who muscles his way into the world of crime journalism: earning money by photographing accidents and murders late at night, and selling them to a local news station. He is a quirky, bottom-feeding opportunist, exhibiting signs of high-functioning autism... always communicating directly, if dishonestly with his mark.