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  • Celtic Pride

    Celtic Pride


    Tried to wash out the taste of the Celtics' devastating 44-point loss to the Cavs from yesterday... and this mean-spirited, unrealistic, and unfunny 'comedy' only made it worse. A talented cast, authentic NBA integration, and a potentially fascinating premise are wasted on the unlikable characters and overused cliches. As a lifelong Celtics fan, I thought maybe I'd be able to appreciate this movie - but it doesn't do the city of Boston any favors. An unfortunately LAME film.

  • Freejack



    My 2500th unique movie logged!

    And it has Mick Jagger as some kind of future space-cop! Incredibly ridiculous film, but also rather entertaining. I can't wait to experience 2009 - those turtle-shaped self-driving cars looked awesome!

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  • Interstellar



    An unqualified masterpiece.

    This captivating science fiction drama from critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan was produced on a budget of $165 million, and released on November 5, 2014. Although it's an entirely original property with no ties to any previous works, the hype surrounding Nolan's ninth feature film was so high, Warner Bros. studios traded away the rights to its lucrative "Friday The 13th" series (among other franchises) just to secure worldwide distribution rights to this movie. So to say…

  • Nightcrawler



    Gyllenhaal is masterful.

    This low-budget American crime-thriller from first-time director Dan Gilroy was a critical and commercial success following its theatrical release on Halloween, 2014. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as an enigmatic individual who muscles his way into the world of crime journalism: earning money by photographing accidents and murders late at night, and selling them to a local news station. He is a quirky, bottom-feeding opportunist, exhibiting signs of high-functioning autism... always communicating directly, if dishonestly with his mark.