The Snowman

This needlessly vague and long-winded experience was a chore to sit through, and nearly impossible to understand. Until it wasn't, and I figured everything out 20-minutes before it happened. All of the (usually capable) actors seem either half-cocked or half-asleep. Huge swaths of reasonably well-filmed scenes slog on without any meaningful dialogue or developments. I literally looked at my watch 35-minutes into the movie and asked aloud, "When is the story going to start?"

Even fans of serial killer narratives will be left confused or irritated by the movie's slow-pace and disinterested nature it has with its own tired subject matter. Entire plot threads are abandoned (what happened to J.K. Simmons?), the twists are unearned (why was Val Kilmer's relationship to another character relevant?), and the dialogue is stiffer than a breeze coming off a Norwegian fjord.

Intentionally obtuse under the pretense of being "artistic", "The Snowman" is ultimately nothing more than indecipherable trash. I thought it was a BAD film.