mother! ★★★★★

..... let me get back to you on this. i'll rate it once i regain my SANITY

edit - sept. 19th:
okay... i don't hate this movie like everyone else does. i appreciate that it has artistic vision and that this is a different movie experience that i've ever had. darren aronofsky created a film thats gonna keep people talking for a very long time, and that's a good thing! it's what keeps the film community thriving and alive. this film made me angry, confused, emotional, and extremely disturbed. but that's what it was trying to do, so i have to give it credit? i don't think i ever want to watch this again, but i have to appreciate this because it's made me feel something i've never felt before from a movie. it made me feel like i was watching someone elses nightmare. this was aronofsky's fever dream film that he wrote in a week, now here we all are talking about it. i'm curious to see how audiences view this in the decades to come.