Stitch! The Movie

Stitch! The Movie ★★★

Man, the childhood nostalgia I have for this movie. How I watched it over and over again on one of the few DVDs we had (our household was a late adopter of the DVD), and how I used to look forward to the new episodes of the spin-off TV show. I tried my best to watch it without my rose-coloured glasses.

Animation/design-wise, it still looks great, almost up to par with the original Lilo & Stitch, retaining the beautiful watercolour matte backgrounds. Plus, the two other genetic experiments we see here look and sound so unique, yet it's immediately apparent that they and Stitch are related. Only about half of the jokes really landed with me as an adult (though there are some legit nuggets of comedy gold to be dug up in this), but most (if not all) of the jokes should land well with kids. And it's the first time I ever remember seeing a post-credits scene!

However, my biggest complaint is that, because it's so busy setting up the grand plot of the then-upcoming TV show, it loses a lot of the heart and relationships we saw developing in the first movie; it pushes truly emotional moments to the side in favour of plot.

Yes, it's the glorified pilot to Lilo & Stitch: The Series, but even then, it's something pretty fun, like an expansion to the world of Lilo & Stitch. If that idea interests you, you'll probably enjoy this.