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  • Juice



    This movie is good because we all had that one asshole friend who murdered the entire friend group. Relatable.

  • Pieces



    Jumps with disregard between geniune giallo with spectacularly gorey and well-staged kills and utter logical inanity with scenes and actions that are beyond puzzling, and both elements coalesce to create something that is equal parts train wreck and genuinely effective slasher and it appears to take itself seriously enough to make it work. The killer here is a proper discreet agent who commits their murders in public forums with their... startingly loud, revved-up chainsaw. Because of course they do. Then…

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  • Prince of the City

    Prince of the City


    New York grit and city buildings captured in full (inside and out) through wide lens, a 3-hour sprawling inner city epic that procedurally details the corruptions from dealer to D.A and the areas where law can be temporaily evaded, with the ever-present remorseful cop Ciello attempting to balance family, peers, justice and guilt as the emotional throughline. Sort of like The Wire crossed with Serpico and Z, with the visual breadth of Rocco and His Brothers — one of Lumet's very best.

  • Becky



    An inverted home invasion flick where the invaders turn into the hunted that stands out by its lead being an intriguingly troubled little girl dressed in distinct hipster clothing (clearly intended to inspire Halloween costumes by the way) who does her best Rambo from First Blood & Kevin from Home Alone mash-up performance in the backyard of her lakehouse, along with over-the-top, Hostel-inspired, gorey kills which feel out of place tonally but are more than welcome to provide some laughs, and…