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  • The Ninth Gate

    The Ninth Gate


    This is so much worse than I remember. The story doesn't have much momentum past the first 30minutes or so, characters act leisurely even though they're in mortal danger, there's barely any tension even though the plot calls for it, and some of the comedy bits are odd and out of place. I think I previously wanted to like this just because it's the satanic mystery detective storyline and Polanski in the director chair has the making of a film I would like, but it's all just really flat and feels like the Polanski and Depp didn't care that much.

  • Dark Water

    Dark Water


    Less of a straight horror and more of an atmospheric, slow-burn suspense with heavy drama elements about family and loss, along with a fairly realistic depiction of two parents fighting for custody, which had a nice coming together in the end. Great performances from J Connelly as the mother slowly losing her grip on the situation and JC Reilly as the seemingly trust worthy yet sleazy apartment custodian.

    P.s, I originally watched this in the cinema in 2005 and I…

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  • Burning



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I found this quite an engaging film regardless of it's 'deliberate' pacing, fairly minimalist storytelling, and long runtime. There were enough oddities to the story beats that I was kept guessing throughout as to where the plot would unfold (at least up until around the final third). I thought it was going to be a romance or break up film at first, but later realised this was more of a slow character thriller/revenge film.

    I particularly liked the dynamics between…

  • The Childhood of a Leader

    The Childhood of a Leader


    I badly wanted to give this 5 stars. Everything in this film is perfect except for it's primary pupose of getting into the mind of the lead character, the child. We mostly just watch him be bratty because he's living away from home and not connecting emotionally with his parents.

    But the assured direction, chilling score, cinematography, gorgeous aesthetics of the time period, and every single actor cast are all absolutely stunning and on point. Keep an eye on this director