Shame ★★★★½

I really like how this movie isn't about sex addiction. It just serves a purpose to paint the portrait of this fascinating character. The long takes are so extremely spot-on and effective, I love the way they are incorporated. Fassbender is great and Carey Mulligan continues to impress me. It's hard to put how this movie makes you feel into words. Emotionally it really messed me up, which I can only praise it for. Steve McQueen does an impressive job to just drop you into this guy's life. All the little details serve a great purpose. Only complaint would be that the pacing tries to prove the point a little too much, maybe it's the point, maybe I'm just too easily bored, but the flow around the middle kinda halted for me. Rest is gooooooood tho.

Don't watch it with grandma, well, depends on your grandma.

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