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  • Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals

    Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals


    This is not a cannibal movie. There is one single scene where Papaya bites off a guys dick, and that's it. She spits it out, doesn't even eat it. The Italian title is Papaya dei Caraibi or in English, Papaya of The Caribbean. It's another example of America re-releases trying to get American butts into theater seats with a poor marketing campaign.

    Not a good cannibal movie but a great soft-core romance. I've watched this movie twice in one week. It was even better the second time.

  • Shall We Dance

    Shall We Dance


    Not as much dancing as I expected, and honestly I wanted a lot more.

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  • Dunkirk



    I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this, but Dunkirk is absolutely incredible and easily one of the best movies of the year. It's emotionally overwhelming and I can't wait to subject myself to its torture again.

    The very unconventional structure/way it's edited is wonderful and easily my favorite aspect of the film. As an editor, it is very inspiring.

  • Novitiate



    The only real flaw of this film is that these nuns eyebrows were too perfect.