City of Gold

City of Gold ★★★½

As a film, this is a pretty dull mixed bag of various stories and factoids about a writer’s career. But the man at the center of this is so influential and optimistic that it mostly doesn’t matter.

Jonathan Gold’s approach to food is the same reason I love food and art in general. Food is universal and it’s how connect and understand each other. And as we consider the eclectic and sprawling culture of LA, the amount of different food is just as expansive. Gold’s writing connected LA together and gave little hole in the walls the same playing field as the fine dining fare. He also put LA on the cultural map in more ways than one.

I’ve been to many restaurants featured here (shout out to Little Ethiopia!) and I need to try so many more. I can attest he definitely likes good food and as critic he showed you don’t have to be a snide asshole all the time, which is good advice. (Apologies for a few of my LB reviews)

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