Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

Hannah Arendt, an incredibly intelligent and influential 20th century political philosopher, describes the banality of evil as the general normalization of atrocity. This happens by a culture morphing it’s participants as mere cogs in a machine-like system, robbing us of our humanity (for example, our freedom of thought and will). This is a response from the Adolf Eichmann Nazi trial as he said he was just following orders. He just wanted a promotion, he just wanted to fit in. 

Does Jojo Rabbit approach these weighty themes or provide similarly intelligent commentary? Not really, but it’s definitely not “dangerous” either. The film’s much too thin and slight for that. It is a generally warm, humorous movie that falls off during a tonally uneven 3rd act. Taika has made better movies (see Boy if you haven’t), yet I still don’t think he has made a bad one yet. This one continues that streak, no matter how derivative and average it maybe.

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