Porco Rosso ★★★★

Miyazaki’s superhero movie. 

I normally prefer Miyazaki at his more naturalistic, but this was a rolling good time that felt like an old Hollywood throw back. It was strange watching this back to back with Transit due to both films  being heavy homages to Casablanca. I suppose referencing a film that many consider the best of all time is a decent starting point to launchpad your own ideas. Both are films that also feature an alternate reality Europe in political unease. This one is admittedly much more fun and features a talking pig. 

Porco being a talking a pig is actually the best thing about this. Not only does Miyazaki feel no need to establish why he’s a pig, but it’s barely referenced outside it’s implications to his social status and lifestyle. It’s a sly working of magical realism that he will double down with in later films. 

The only reservation I have that keeps me from from loving the film is that it seems a little creepy. I know anime and Japan as a whole has a tendency to fetishize young girls, but exactly how old is that girl anyways? And why is it important to clarify that her butt is bigger than it looks. Confusing...

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