Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home ★★★

I wish more franchise films had stakes seemingly as low as saving the whales. Sure, it’s because the Earth is going to explode or something, but most of this felt like a relaxing afternoon in the park (literally). The fallout of the last films is built upon like Search for Spock, but this takes a left turn into something new entirely and it’s mostly better because of it. 

Weirdly, for a movie about saving the whales, feels conservative in parts. The whole interaction with the punk on the bus was like an old man doing a get off my lawn routine. It also has the same plot of Back to the Future and it’s much less clever than that film. But it’s very comfortable and silly and it’s very very hard to dislike a bath robe wearing Spock running around in 80s San Francisco for an entire movie. I also enjoy how that the woman they reveal their origin to is surprised by things like a simple as a com unit. Weren’t cell phones invented already?


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