The Last Picture Show ★★★★

It’s like American Graffiti, but instead of whistful nostalgia, everybody’s sad and naked.

Seriously though, I love that this is such a subversive look at a “prosperous” time in American culture rather than another nostalgia show that remains on repeat in our current culture. The radio is the best example of this subversion. Throughout it is an omnipresent source of soulful cowboy tunes of that bygone era, which pushes the comforting idea of “the good ol days”. That is until it kicks out and there’s those moments of silence that take over (specifically whenever someone is getting undressed). All these teens want to do is escape this sinkhole of a town yet it either swallows them whole, I.e. Sonny, or spits them out into the buzzsaw, i.e Duane.

I guess I’m making this sound like more of bummer than it actually is (it’s actually pretty funny and cool-looking too), so I’ll end this by saying that Cybill Shepard’s performance here is one of the greatest of all time!

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