Transit ★★★½

Travel can be an isolating experience. It consists of long periods of waiting. Waiting for that one moment when you finally arrive. It’s also a purgatory that is shared by fellow travelers, but there are only fleeting connections as everyone is heading a different direction to their own far away destinations. 

The sense of isolation and waiting in this film is pretty heavy and watching this stuck in the appropriately named Midway Airport in Chicago on a 4 hr+ layover only exasperated it. But while layovers definitely are oppressive, I can take solace in the fact that I’m at least not being hunted by my government and need to flee to country that doesn’t even want me. So I’ll sit down and eat this highly mediocre turkey panini with that comfort in mind.

Anyways, the film itself unfolds like a confounding Brechtian play riffing on Casablanca that was teleported to our modern reality. It’s pretty dry for most of it but  a few moments have a warmth to them. And like Petzold’s last film, Phoenix, the endings the best part, leaving you to think about long after ends. Unlike that film though, it’s no masterpiece.

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